Tim and Suzy

From one of our valued customers

DJD Social Care Consultants were brought in as independent consultants. This was to help make improvements to a care home service. After many months of working with them we helped turn things around and make improvements and recommendations in many areas. After our final sign off this was their feedback and response.

“We are pleased to report that we were very, very delighted with Daniel Davies. We were aware that Daniel was a former Care Service / Home Manager, so naturally that would set him up to establish a good rapport with management, and he certainly did that with our Manager and also the usually less than easy to impress Deputy.

He was very good at starting to probe on a topic/ area and be a catalyst for a response from our team, as opposed to using it as a grandstanding opportunity for himself – so once he probed and “set the hare running” – he was a good listener, and allowed a full response.

If he thought there was something to suggest, there was a lightness of touch, and he would either;
–          Pause if the team knew of what he would otherwise have suggested, or allowed them to interject and comment;
–          When he did have a good lead, it was invariably very practical and resourceful, so giving the team good helpful support.

He certainly gave us the confidence that he could be relied on to intervene if needed, and unlike some consultants we had seen had a lightness of touch that would see positive evolution rather than revolution. The latter has its place, but Daniel would clearly have the nous to adapt as necessary.”

Tim and Suzy

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