Caring about and dealing with complaints

Even with the best will in the world, sometimes things go wrong. When they do, it is always better to accept this and try to learn lessons that can help improve things for all of the people using your service. This includes service users, families, local services you work with and staff

Complaints are a great way to improve your services that will prevent further breakdowns and future complaints. These may be practical things, like changing the way you do something or undertaking some additional or refresher staff training.

This blog also explains how to deal effectively with complaints.

Complaint handling

While we as a consultancy company we deal with a relatively small number of complaints on behalf of our customers. This compared to some organisations have a high volume. However, we still advocate learning from the outcomes

It is common for us to find some issues with the way in which a complaint has been handled by the care provider. This may include things like delays in responding, poorly evidenced decisions or not explaining the reasoning.

Care providers should have complaint processes that are easy for people to find and use. The procedure should also tell people about their right to come to you and place a complaint in the first place. In some instances, you may have to allow for an independent review of the complaint if they remain unhappy with your response.

Caring about complaints includes details of the guidance we have provided.

The key principles of managing complaints are:

  • Leadership
  • Customer first
  • Valuing and encouraging feedback, compliments and complaints
  • Accepting something went wrong
  • One complaint, one response
  • Clear signposting to an independent response if they are not happy with yours
  • Transparency
  • A no blame culture
  • Duty of candour

Excellent service

We would also urge care managers to welcome feedback and place the person’s needs at the heart of the complaint procedure. By doing this you are assuring everyone that uses your service that you are embracing the KLOEs set out by the CQC.

We would also advise that you have a clear and concise policy on dealing with complaints and the response times so that people are not left in the dark and not knowing when a response may be sent.

If you’re ever in a situation where you need help or guidance in dealing with a complaint then we’d be happy to help.

You can contact us in the usual way of the online form here on our website, by sending us an email to or by calling 01134 40 50 74. A member of our team will be happy to help.

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