What traits and skills should health care managers have?

Health care is now a huge industry that requires a vast team of experts, leaders and support staff to keep it running. Healthcare managers work in care homes, long-term care facilities and domiciliary care companies to ensure the quality and efficiency of the entire health care system operates efficiently and effectively. They are valued team leaders and spend a lot of time, effort and studying to become the best they can be to ensure person centred care is delivered to the highest level.

But what makes a truly effective health care manager?

Here are 6 traits that help make them great people and organisation managers:

What traits and skills should health care managers have?

1. Passionate:

If you’re going to be a great health care manager, you’ve got to be passionate about what you do. You need to care about your office team, your care staff, your organisation and ultimately your customers / service users and let everyone know it. Others will believe in you and what you do when you’re 100% committed. If you’re passionate, your staff will be more likely to go that extra mile to do the best job they can for you and the customers / service users.

2. Efficient:

Do you have great time management skills and an ability to see the shortest route to success? If you already run your own life with care and efficiency, you can transfer those skills to health care management. You need to know how to get things done in the most stream-lined and efficient manner, while still providing excellent customer care.

3. Attentive:

Mistakes in health care can cost time, money and even lives. Your excellent attention to detail will ensure that tasks and resources are well-managed and that nothing important gets neglected or missed.

4. Ability to delegate:

Have you ever been the leader of a team or the lead on a group project? Then you know that it’s important that everyone in the group knows exactly what their responsibilities are. If you’re going to be a great manager, you need to be able to identify who needs to perform what tasks and offer them your support and encouragement.

5. Excellent Interpersonal Skills:

Are you a people-person? Being a good communicator with excellent people skills is a winning combination if you want to be an effective health care manager. You need to manage your own team and work well with other departments, facilities and organisations. You also need to listen to customers / service users, so you can meet their needs.

6. Life-long Learner:

Health care rules and regulations are always changing. You need to keep up! Whether you’re looking for ways to improve t care through technology or find more efficient billing and reimbursement procedures, you must be willing to read, study, learn and teach. A passion for knowledge doesn’t just make you a better health care leader and it can make you a better a person.

A Great Carer is a Motivated Carer

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