Health and Social Care - are we effective?

There are five questions the CQC ask of all care services. They are at the heart of the way they regulate and they help us to make sure we focus on the things that matter to people and the way in which we care for them.

One of the questions they ask is:

Are they effective?

“By effective, we mean that people’s care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.”

It’s easy to think and believe we do all of this for the people in our care. However it is good to self test this on a regular basis to ensure we are not only meeting the standard but more importantly being effective for the people in our care service.

On of the things you need to do to be effective is that you need to have a committed, passionate and more essentially a trained and skilled workforce. Making sure that your staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and support is fundamental on two counts.

  1. It shows that your staff have all knowledge and skills they need to support the person they are caring for. A blanket level of knowledge skills and experience is never enough. It is important to make sure that each person with specific needs is cared for by people that have knowledge skills and experience in that area. As an example if your service users have learning difficulties and challenging behaviours it is essential that staff are specially trained in that area.
  2. It shows that you invest in your people and nurture their learning and development. They have a learning and development plan. They learn and develop to succeed. They can become the next generation of leaders and managers.

There are many routes to learning and development and it is good to have a mixture of these to ensure:

  • it meets all learning styles
  • gives your staff time and support to learn and develop
  • cost effective for your budget
  • meets the standards expected by the CQC and local authorities
  • brings staff together to share learnings, ideas and best practice
  • keeps your staff motivated and engaged

As qualified training practitioners here at DJD Social Care Consultants we believe that training, learning and people development is essential. Without qualified, skilled and trained staff it is impossible to be effective and have an effective workforce.

We specifically work with all our customers on a one to one basis to match and meet their training needs that fits with:

  • their budget
  • their staffs learning needs
  • their learning styles
  • working around their availability and rotas
  • meeting the standards
  • making sure it is accredited
  • meets their customers needs

If you’d like to find how we can work with you effectively and train your workforce (in many instances FREE, yes FREE) just contact us via:

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