A Guide to a Healthcare Consultants Role and Job Planning

As an independent healthcare consultancy we understand that it’s important that the role and terms in which we operate are set out. We have produced this guide to help companies understand what the role of a Healthcare Consultant who work in collaboration with care providers such as care homes and domiciliary care providers should look like.

The challenges facing many care providers highlight the importance of consultant job planning as a means of organising resources effectively and efficiently.

This guide emphasises the need for consultants and managers to work closely together to meet their shared responsibility of providing the best possible service user care within the resources available to them. The consultant job plan, is a key mechanism through which this shared responsibility can be agreed, monitored and delivered.

This guide highlights the benefits of effective preparation for both managers and consultants and covers objective setting, information gathering, supporting resources which may be required and some of the contractual provisions relevant to component parts of the job plan.

The guidance doesn’t change any of the current features of the consultant contract or the terms and conditions, but does offer guidance so that the flexibilities contained within the contract are used effectively.

Key principles to job planning

The guidance sets out some key principles which should characterise a collaborative approach to job planning. The principles are that job planning should be:

  • undertaken in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation
  • completed in good time
  • reflective of the professionalism of being a Care Manager
  • focused on measurable outcomes that benefit service users
  • consistent with the objectives of the organisation, teams and individuals
  • transparent, fair and honest
  • flexible and responsive to changing service needs during each job undertaken
  • fully agreed and not imposed
  • focused on enhancing outcomes for service users whilst maintaining service efficiency.

A consultant job plan assembled and agreed in line with these principles will help consultants and managers meet the challenge of delivering high quality care within a testing financial environment during a period of significant organisational change.

We encourage our customers to review how job planning can be used to drive improvements and quality of service user care. Some companies and authorities are looking at new IT tools, some at annualisation, others at team or departmental job planning amongst other initiatives. All these have the potential to improve the process and should be explored, but the best way to ensure sound job planning is to focus on objectives.

Here at DJD Consultants we always work to this process so that we have a consistent and transparent approach with our clients, If you’d like to learn more about what we do and how we can help then please visit our website or contact us via our contact page.

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